Some Favourite Quotes

Courage — IN THE END those who fail, are those that never try.

There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

Happening on Twitter…

It’s official!

The $EOS Network has successfully completed its consensus upgrade to @AntelopeIO Leap 3.1

By doing so, the #EOS community has declared independence, exemplifying the new balance of power created by #Web3.

Happy EOS Independence Day! 🚀

If it takes 3 weeks to process, it’s much harder to find bugs. That’s why we built with docs here: 🧵

#Antelope-Community, hit the like-button and comment to increase the engangement in following question to make the name-change from eosio to antelope happen!



Antelope is an open framework for building
next-generation Web3 products and services.

Its community-run codebase is behind some
of the fastest, most secure, and user-friendly

$EOS 🤝 $TLOS 🤝 $WAX 🤝 $UTX

Leap Ahead with Antelope!

Why You Should Stay Away from Extending IPv4 Solutions. Must read for the #IPv6 community.