Some Favourite Quotes

Courage — IN THE END those who fail, are those that never try.

There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

Happening on Twitter…

EOS Was the World’s Most-Hyped Blockchain. Members Want It Back

New: For some, the launch of Bullish is’s greatest coup. “They are essentially getting away with $9 billion. And they did it in a legal way.” Via @WIREDUK

Bit by bit the EOS eco-system expanding into a leading position in blockchain World.

“The EOS Network Foundation (ENF), a community-led entity that took the reins of the EOS project from http://Block.One, has completed the…

.@EosNFoundation, @HelloTelos, @WAX_io and @Network_UX, Blockchains commit $8 million annual funding to advance and rebrand core development framework. #EOSIO


We are pleased to announce the #ENF Grant Framework!

With access to an efficient, transparent, and milestone-driven grant investment framework, $EOS will enter a new era of development opportunity previously unavailable to network participants.