Some Favourite Quotes

Courage — IN THE END those who fail, are those that never try.

There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

Happening on Twitter…

.@OttawaHealth is the most-followed local public health unit in North America, with around 107,000 followers, almost half of whom were picked up in the last year.

Hot off the presses: @block_one_ has released #EOSIO 2.1.0-rc3. As part of ongoing testing, @EOS_Nation has deployed this on @JungleTestnet. Lots of little improvements included. Looks good so far!

Many governments have created tax incentives for electric vehicles. There would be at least as much public benefit from attractive tax incentives for electric bikes. RT if you agree.

Compliant programmable open source finance will completely disrupt the mess of our legacy financial system, drive value back to asset holders, and greatly empower us all by eliminating layers that currently tax our time, money, and freedom. #ProFi #EOS #BTC #Bullish

SO to the @EOS_Nation team! Together, we stress tested our @WordProofio platform.

Although we ‘just’ placed our millionth stamp (test data excluded), we’re confident that we can serve over a million timestamps daily.

Let’s build the #TrustedWeb together!