Olympic Events

I finally got tickets to all the events I wanted.  Don’t ask how much it cost (I don’t want to know).

ZO001 12/02/2010 18:00 Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony
FR001 13/02/2010 16:30 Ladies’ Moguls Qualification Ladies’ Moguls Final Freestyle Skiing
SS002 14/02/2010 13:00 Ladies’ 3000 m Final Speed Skating
VC001 14/02/2010 18:30 Vancouver Victory Ceremony Scheduled Headline Performer: Nelly Furtado Vancouver Victory Ceremony
SB001 15/02/2010 10:30 Men’s SBX Qualification Men’s SBX Final Snowboard
CU001 16/02/2010 09:00 Men’s Qualification GBR–SWE NOR–CAN USA–GER SUI–DEN Curling
IH009 16/02/2010 16:30 Men’s Preliminary — CAN–NOR Ice Hockey
IH013 17/02/2010 14:30 Women’s Preliminary — CAN–SWE Ice Hockey
VC004 17/02/2010 18:30 Vancouver Victory Ceremony Scheduled Headline Performer: Paul Brandt Vancouver Victory Ceremony
IH017 18/02/2010 12:00 Men’s Preliminary — USA–NOR Ice Hockey
CU009 18/02/2010 19:00 Men’s Qualification SWE–CHN GBR–DEN NOR–SUI FRA–CAN Curling
FS005 19/02/2010 16:45 Ice Dance Compulsory Dance Figure Skating
FR003 20/02/2010 10:00 Ladies’ Aerials Qualification Freestyle Skiing