Patience Required

Following the event at the oval, we got a bite to eat at the Richmond Center mall.  Then it was back in line to get on a train to get to BC Place for the medals ceremony.

The trip entaled:

  1. Walk to a bus near the oval
  2. Bus to the O-Zone  (lines were to long to the O-Zone to get in and have any time left)
  3. Walk to the Richmond Center mall
  4. Grab a bite
  5. Walk over to the Richmond-Brighouse station
  6. Wait 30 min in line
  7. Take the Canada Line to Roundhouse
  8. Walk over to BC Place
  9. Ignoring the suggestion to walk around BC Place to get into the shorter security line (which if you include the time to walk around, would really take longer)
  10. Waiting for them to open the security line
  11. Going through security
  12. Getting into BC Place
  13. Finding our seats

The trip took 50 minutes from getting on the train, which is very reasonable.