Richmond Oval a work of art

Valentines Day weather was beautiful in Richmond. So much better than standing in the rain from last night.  Early in the morning I headed over to the Richmond Oval to see the woman’s 3000m Speed Skating.

The lineup to get into the rink was on the dike that protects Richmond from the Fraser river and in view of YVR airport.  The line moved fast and efficiently and we were inside the building in no time. There were no line-ups for food.

The award-winning facility itself is a work of art. It uses pine-beetle infested wood for the roof. After the Olympics, the oval itself will be dismantled and the building will house hockey rinks and other sports activities.

Outside the Richmond Oval
The ceiling is remarkable. The first time this kind of construction has ever been used.
Czech Republic


BECKERT Stephanie

GROVES Kristina