Heil takes Silver in Ladies Moguls

On a blustery evening today, Heil took the silver medal in moguls with a solid performance.   I was lucky enough to be sitting next to a large contingent of her family and friends from Edmonton.

There were two other Canadians in the event: Chloe Dufour-Lapoint competing in her first Olympics and veteran Kristi Richards who put it all on the line.  Kristi started out extremely well, but could not keep up the pace and lost control.

Rain pelted down during the during the qualification round as well as the final.  The fog shrouded the top part of the course during the first part of the final round making it difficult to see the athletes.  Overall the conditions were very poor and a good day to stay in the city.

View of the moguls event from section 206 row 28 seat 23
The flower ceremony following the event
Results: LadiesMoguls Final
1.  Hannah Kearney 26.63
2.  Jennifer Heil 25.69
3.  Shannon Bahrke 25.43

So Far So Good: Arrived in Vancouver

Got up this morning too early… 2:30am PST.  Argh.

Anyway, the flight was fine and arrived to an overcast Vancouver a few minutes early.  Upon deplaning we were greeted by lots of friendly faces and a “Go Canada!”.   The whole airport has Olympics theme everywhere.

There was a line-up for the baggage claim, but we’re going to get used to waiting for things.

Arrived in the Vancouver Airport for the Olympics

Why is Windows such a pain?

So, I have a new camera and I need to get the drivers installed on my Windows Vista laptop so I can upload pictures to this blog.

Why do we need a driver for everything?  Can’t everything just show up a a mass-storage device and then you can take your photos off it?

I recently got a Sony Walkman mp3 player, plugged it into Linux and it just works!  Why can’t Windows work like that?

Yes Carl, I probably should get a Mac instead.

Olympic Events

I finally got tickets to all the events I wanted.  Don’t ask how much it cost (I don’t want to know).

ZO001 12/02/2010 18:00 Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony
FR001 13/02/2010 16:30 Ladies’ Moguls Qualification Ladies’ Moguls Final Freestyle Skiing
SS002 14/02/2010 13:00 Ladies’ 3000 m Final Speed Skating
VC001 14/02/2010 18:30 Vancouver Victory Ceremony Scheduled Headline Performer: Nelly Furtado Vancouver Victory Ceremony
SB001 15/02/2010 10:30 Men’s SBX Qualification Men’s SBX Final Snowboard
CU001 16/02/2010 09:00 Men’s Qualification GBR–SWE NOR–CAN USA–GER SUI–DEN Curling
IH009 16/02/2010 16:30 Men’s Preliminary — CAN–NOR Ice Hockey
IH013 17/02/2010 14:30 Women’s Preliminary — CAN–SWE Ice Hockey
VC004 17/02/2010 18:30 Vancouver Victory Ceremony Scheduled Headline Performer: Paul Brandt Vancouver Victory Ceremony
IH017 18/02/2010 12:00 Men’s Preliminary — USA–NOR Ice Hockey
CU009 18/02/2010 19:00 Men’s Qualification SWE–CHN GBR–DEN NOR–SUI FRA–CAN Curling
FS005 19/02/2010 16:45 Ice Dance Compulsory Dance Figure Skating
FR003 20/02/2010 10:00 Ladies’ Aerials Qualification Freestyle Skiing